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Finding the perfect boat for your trip

The itinerary developed by experienced guides will allow you to travel with maximum comfort over several thousand kilometers. You can choose any means of transport, but the boat is very interesting.

Find the online catalogue

The sites that offer this boat rental for private individuals present its catalogue visible to all. It is in there that you will sort out the boat that suits you for this trip. It is necessary to see the pictures sent by the owner and discover what this boat offers on its product sheet. Also check the rate that is already posted on the site so that you can organize your portfolio.

Discuss with the owner if this boat is available for the dates you have chosen. Once you have been approved, you can complete the boat rental application form for such a destination. Mention all the characteristics of the passengers who will be on board. A deposit will be required for half of the total rental. And you will pay half of the trip at the same time and one week before the boat the other half.

The handover of the boat

Don't take this step so light for rent a boat, but to arrive two hours in advance to check everything. At the same time, the other passengers will be pleased to refuel the boat. But also, to fill the fridge, to fill the large barrel with drinking water and to check the gas, etc. During transmission, check the trunk of the rescue accessories. X-rays if it works well, check the toilet equipment and so on. Also check the boat's paperwork, especially its insurance. And finally observe the engine by its smoke if it is still in good condition. There are two control stations on a pleasure boat, the one inside the boat and the one on the deck.

Each plan is a discovery, and it's always nice to travel by boat and discover other countries

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